What an amazing weekend I had…

What an amazing weekend I had. On Friday, March 23rd, I went to Philly to attend the Modern Artists concert at MilkBoy, where bands such as The Chain Gang of 1974, The Miniature Tigers, and The Geographers Performed. These guys aren’t “Top 100” artists but they each have their own unique, wonderful sound. Of course, the main attraction for me was TCGO1974, and they did not disappoint.
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Screen Casting Experience

This week, we had to screen cast a blog that we liked an comment on what we liked about the blog’s layout and design. I chose two of my classmates blog; both had the same theme and I had a hard time choosing who to cast.
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Setting up the Blog

I found my experience with setting up my wordpress blog to be relatively easy. I like the fact that I am given the option of choosing numerous “themes”; I do have a tumblr that was created for another class, but I did not really take a look at their options on themes to be chosen, so I don’t really know which is the better option. The one thing that does annoy me about wordpress is that you must upgrade to Pro in order to change your stylesheet and texts. One way in which perhaps Aaron (the professor) could make the blog setting up process easier to have videos of how to set up a wordpress blog.
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