What an amazing weekend I had…

What an amazing weekend I had. On Friday, March 23rd, I went to Philly to attend the Modern Artists concert at MilkBoy, where bands such as The Chain Gang of 1974, The Miniature Tigers, and The Geographers Performed. These guys aren’t “Top 100” artists but they each have their own unique, wonderful sound. Of course, the main attraction for me was TCGO1974, and they did not disappoint.
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I can’t stop listening to Hold On by the Chain Gang of 1974. All 8 minutes and 9 seconds of the song. They are amazing!

Funkify Me, Cap'n!

Ever heard of The Chain Gang of 1974? I haven’t either before today.

This LA boy, Kamtin Mohager, really knows some good beats.  Why not pick up your not-so-thirsty-Thursday with some relaxing music?  Thanks for the song share, Steve!

– J

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