Creative Commons

This movie is from DayOne, which is actually the non-profit organization we are making the movie for. By trying to incorporate a previous video, we can reinforce our message and get the DayOne brand out at the end of our movie. This particular video talks about Fact or Fiction, and whether jealousy shows love.


I wanted a ballad to accompany the soundtrack of our movie, as I feel parts of it will have sad moments, and these slow, instrumental ballads fit perfectly with the mood. Some of it can be used in the background towards the end/credits.

This picture shows a man and woman crossing their arms, looking at each other as if they are in disagreement. The original person who took the photo has no idea if they having an argument, or if they were simply caught at the wrong moment. The image can come across as trouble within a relationship, and because the photo doesn’t exactly depict physical abuse but could suggest emotional and verbal abuse, it would go well with our movie.

There were many other pieces of music and videos that I wanted to use, such as The Chain Gang of 1974’s Don’t Walk Away, some scenes from different movies, and images found directly from Google Image search. Unfortunately, these medias were not specified under creative commons, and therefore, could not be used to create the final project. I wanted to try and make a video without any restrictions just to see the end results, and not necessarily submit it for DayOne; however seeing as how our group time is very limited, I decided to focus entirely on using content found from the creative commons search engine. The one thing I feel the search engine could include to improve its functionality is to include a browse search instead of requiring a query.


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