Storyboarding and Creative Directions

Storyboarding is the movie equivalent of brainstorming for a paper; once you plan everything out and on paper, it will make the writing/filming process much easier. Unfortunately, I was never good at either brainstorming or storyboarding; I’m either too lazy to do them (bad habit) or think it’s a waste of time (even though deep down I know that if I have both planned out, I’ll save a lot of stress and confusion). I’m the type of person who just wants to start writing/filming and see where it takes me from there.

Although our group is supposed to make a creative video on a serious subject, relationship abuse, I just don’t feel as though any of our group members are very motivated or passionate on the subject. This isn’t to make light of the problem; I have a very firm stance on the topic and would definitely like to speak out against it, but I think the problem lies with the fact that none of our group members know a lot about the subject. Personally speaking, it’s hard to be creative when you don’t have a strong interest with the topic: ideas are hard to come up with, and you just aren’t as motivated to come up with something creative.

Our audience will most likely be people who are either in an abusive relationship or have an interest in the topic; our group has come up with a few different scenarios trying to incorporate humor with right/wrong “what you should do situations”. However, it’s hard to make light of such a serious topic, although funny videos are generally the ones that get more views and spread around by others.

I would like to make some type of documentary-esque drama about an abusive relationship, but this would require a script and actors, in addition to a lot of time and setting up for filming. I don’t think this would be something the group could manage time and resource wise, and I would like to see if we could somehow make our story funny.


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