What an amazing weekend I had…

What an amazing weekend I had. On Friday, March 23rd, I went to Philly to attend the Modern Artists concert at MilkBoy, where bands such as The Chain Gang of 1974, The Miniature Tigers, and The Geographers Performed. These guys aren’t “Top 100” artists but they each have their own unique, wonderful sound. Of course, the main attraction for me was TCGO1974, and they did not disappoint.

(Sorry in advance for the low quality, my Blackberry has awful video)

The entire band gave a passionate, fan pleasing effort. Afterwards, I bought a shirt and had Kamtin Mohager, the lead singer, sign the shirt.

My friend and I got a chance to meet and talk to the band members for a few minutes, and they were all super-friendly and down-to-earth guys. I hope they make it big, because these guys are awesome!

Then on Sunday, March 25th, the New York City Arsenal Supporters, in conjunction with the New York Red Bulls, planned a Thierry Henry event especially for Arsenal fans. $25 got you into the Red Bulls home opener against the Colorado Rapids, and the chance to stay after and greet Arsenal and Football legend Thierry Henry.

Henry did not disappoint, first scoring a brace (although he should have had a hat trick!) and assisting a goal in the game against the Rapids. He then spent two hours of his personal time to address some questions the fans had, and most importantly, signing autographs for the fans.


For me, this was a very special moment. Thierry Henry is the main reason I got into football and Arsenal; I used to love playing with Arsenal and Henry in FIFA 06-07, and was absolutely devastated when he moved to Barcelona in the summer of ’07. I remember writing a blog piece, detailing how betrayed and devastated I felt; I however moved on and my support for Arsenal grew stronger. If anything, it proved that no one player is greater than the entire team. In August of 2008, Barcelona went on a US tour, and I managed to watch them play against the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium in a friendly. Henry was still in his prime, and other talents, such as Samuel Eto’o, Carles Puyol, Rafa Marquez, and Aliksander Hleb were involved as well.

I would have never imagined 5 years ago that I would get a chance to meet Arsenal’s all-time leading goal scorer, and get his autograph. Europe was never in my plans, and the closest I could probably get to Henry was in the stands, watching him play an occasional game for Barcelona. Meeting him at the event and getting his signature was a dream come true; it’s funny how things in life work out sometimes.

Overall, an unforgettable weekend.


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