Google Docs

This week, we had to use Google Docs to collaborate with our team members on how we should present our creative projects for abusive relationships. Google Docs is a cloud-based tool that contains many features such as word processing, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint. Within these features, Google Docs also offer a side chat for others to type their comments, show who is currently viewing the document, and offer a history of changes and revisions made to the current document.

Collaborating with Google Docs for me is somewhat of a hit and miss. Although the idea behind the tools are great and very useful, it still requires participation from the end user, something that can’t be guaranteed when the participants aren’t able to meet face to face. I’ve been part of multiple teams that were required to work and collaborate without meeting in person, and in most situations, we chose Google docs as one of the tools to share and combine word documents, PowerPoint, and excel spreadsheets in order to complete our projects. However, while some group members were very organized and able to upload their portions of the project on time, others were not as active in their communication with team members and the project itself.

I think Google docs are a great way to collaborate and share works and ideas with others, however, I believe that team members need strong communication and a good sense of team unity in order for people to utilize it correctly. Without the communication and the relationship between team members, certain members of the group may completely disregard the project and leave others hanging, unsure of whether or not they will complete their part of the task. In my opinion, Google Docs is simply just another tool that makes team collaboration easier; but to truly ensure that all members of the project are involved and engaged, members should find another form of communication to keep in contact with each other.


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