Congrats to the Rutgers StarCraft team on winning the CSL Princeton LAN regionals!

This past weekend at Princeton University, the Collegiate Star League made its tour to the Northeast by hosting the StarCraft II CSL LAN. Among the teams participating in this tournament included MIT, University of Miami, UMBC, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and NYU. The event included an e-sports symposium before the event, with a panel of important figures in e-sports including Alex Garfield of Evil Genius, Duran Parsi of CSL, and Ken Chen of Team Liquid. The entire event was also streamed online via

The tournament consisted of a best of 5 set between two teams: 2 1v1 matches, followed by a 2v2. Should more games be required, 1v1s would follow. Players are only allowed to play once in a set, except for the “Ace” match or the final game, which anyone on the team could play.
(images from TL_Rich)

Rutgers finished their group stages 2-0 to finish 1st in their group, ahead of University of Miami, MIT, and George Mason, who did not show up and forfeited their games. They then beat Case Western Reserve, Carnegie Mellon, and Miami again to reach the finals against UMBC.

It was a tight battle in the finals, but Rutgers managed to pull through in 5 games, winning a cool $800 for their team.

The entire East Coast LAN can be watched here on CSL’s channel. Look in the videos section, and for the CSL East Coast Regional LAN.

Congrats and thanks to all the participants for attending, and Princeton University for hosting a successful event.


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