Screen Casting Experience

This week, we had to screen cast a blog that we liked an comment on what we liked about the blog’s layout and design. I chose two of my classmates blog; both had the same theme and I had a hard time choosing who to cast.

During my screen cast, I had experimented with a lot of tools. At first, I thought using FRAPs would be the best choice because it captures everything in HD quality. However, half way through my casting, I thought adding a camera feed of myself would put a nice, personal touch to the casting. To that effect, I decided to mess around with xSplit, which is primarily used as a live stream video capturing tool but can be used as well to record local files. The nice thing about xSplit is that you can embed picture-in-picture screen cast and transition into a different scene with a different screen capture. Sean “Day 9” Plott uses this tool very well in his web show “Day 9 Daily”, and I wanted to try this out on my screen capture. The one thing that might have not been the best might have been my voice volume, but this can be easily solved with a headset rather than a video cam microphone.

I think screen casting is a very good skill for teachers to have to try and reach their students. I know Aaron has been posting tutorial videos, and I had my web design teacher last year post tutorial videos through Jing which were extremely helpful. As everything is becoming more digital, a screen cast can help people learn how to do something without having to be there in person. People can learn at their own pace as well, as they can simply just rewind or pause the video. In terms of creative projects, I know many people use screen casting to cast StarCraft games and review different types of strategies different player use.


10 thoughts on “Screen Casting Experience

  1. Really cool looking screencast. Yours is obviously more advanced than others, so I can’t really say anything that could be improved. I am wondering though, where did you find/hear of these other programs? I wouldn’t know where to even look.

  2. I really like how you started off with yourself and then went to all the blogs! You did a really good and advanced job! I agree that teachers posting Jing videos can be extremely helpful to students and it is really easy to learn on your own.

  3. Hey Steve, thanks for featuring my blog =) For the category section, I didn’t know what else to put so I just put ‘Assignment’. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Like others, I thought this was a really cool screencast! It seems like you know a lot about different programs! I definitely that Jing is really helpful.

    • Thanks, yeah I think putting different categories for your posts similar to your tags might be helpful for some people. Like audio for garageband and video for screen casting and iMovie.

  4. Overall I think you went above and beyond in your screencast! The program you used to shoot your screencast was really neat because you were able to transition between your webcam and your desktop. I also liked how you showed us the program you used to do your screencast. I’ll definitely going to check that out for future use! I don’t feel like anything else needed to be added… I think you did a great job!

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