Movie Editing

While Aaron wanted us to edit the video of his cat in class on Monday, I thought this was a good opportunity for me to maybe try and create a short introductory video to StarCraft 2 for the many people who are unfamiliar with it.

The game is very in depth, and this is just a very general and quick overview of the game itself. Nevertheless, making the 5 minute video still took a relatively long time (1 hour of game play footage, 3 hours of compiling footage, editing, and adding music). I used Adobe Premier 5.5 instead of iMovie; again, Adobe products are much more complicated than the basic Apple products. I feel as though this part contributed to some of the long editing times; iMovie does a pretty good job of simplifying the movie editing process, while still giving the users a lot of effects and transitions to experiment with.

The final compressed movie came out to be about 2GB in size; that’s one of the negative side effects of having HD quality files. They take up a large amount of space, and even longer to upload (this file took about an hour, which is relatively short compared to other files.)


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