My Podcast Experience

My podcast introduction experience was a positive one. I have worked with editing movies before, which requires some audio splicing and editing in addition to the video portion, so I was already somewhat familiar with the process.

I did not use Garageband, but rather Adobe Audition CS5.5, which is a similar product. Although the interface is different and a bit more complicated in comparison to Garageband, it features similar tools and was pretty easy to make the podcast once I got a chance to get familiar with it. Because Garageband is a Mac only product, but Adobe products have a Mac and Windows version, I feel as though it is useful to learn as it is not limited to one operating system.

The songs I chose in my introduction were “The Rock Show” and “I Miss You” by Blink-182. I had originally planned two different songs to use, but after considering “Don’t Stay” by Linkin Park, I didn’t think the lyrics exactly reflected a warm greeting to my listeners. I chose “The Rock Show” because I was actually listening to sports radio in the morning (WFAN 660), and in one of their transitions to the host, the song came up; I felt a sense of nostalgia and started rocking out to it. I figure I would just choose another Blink-182 song, and since it was Valentine’s Day when I made it, I figured “I Miss You” was an appropriate song. It also contrasted the fast paced, rock rhythm with a slower, acoustic sound.

In terms of potential for podcasting, I think that using Garageband or other audio editing tools are very useful as an introduction for video editing. Podcasting is a good way to produce content and keep in touch with your viewers; ideally however, I think that video blogging is probably better. But if you don’t have a video camera to record, or if you just want to simply upload a less time consuming media, using the podcast is a nice way to produce content that engages with your audience.


4 thoughts on “My Podcast Experience

  1. GREAT song choice. Way to grab a hold of your fellow growing-up-in-the-90’s generation members. Much appreciated. I thought this was done very well, the transition was smooth and it is an overall job well done. Especially considering this was not done in Garageband. Props to you, my friend.

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